Protection against ransomware


Ransomware Infection via Protection

In recent times they are multiple ransomware attackers attack all over the world, and ransomware attackers not only attack customer computer but also attacks on Industries or organizations, However, the world still tries to fight for this ransomware virus. The recent Not Petya attack mainly targeted businesses using the same ‘Eternal Blue’ vulnerability as Wanna Cry.

Microsoft even issued a security patch for Windows XP and Windows 8 – a very unusual step for unsupported operating systems – which you can download from the links on Microsoft’s blog. Understanding ransomware and how it can affect your business? Ransomware is a type of viruses such as malware and this malware attacks on your computer to lock your all documents, programs and important files of a user, and after they demand money from user to unlock this documents, program and important data.

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Crypto Ransomware

Ransomware also is known as crypto ransomware because in recent times they want money by using cryptocurrency. In 2009 the introduction of bitcoin, the cybercriminals or hackers find another way to make money without being caught. When ransomware attack over a world then this ransomware attack impact on your life also, and also attack large industries or organization and its increase the chances of hackers to forcing enterprises to pay the money to retrieve all information data, documents, and files that means all necessary information.

However, the horrific part of the story is that often, the data is never retrieved even after paying the ransom. The intent of those cybercriminals is only to make money. Once they get that from you, they don’t mind leaving you or your organization in the middle of nowhere. The impact of ransomware on enterprises may vary based on the severity of the attack.


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However, the most common ways in which a single attack impacts an organization include downtime and productivity loss, loss of critical information like customer info or IPR, loss of revenue due to downtime and maintenance, extremely high costs and timelines of recovery and a dent in the company’s reputation in the market and its customer’s mind space.

A research by IDG has shown that about half of all the affected enterprises take a few days to recover from an attack, while 29% may take several weeks to do the same.

Security and Protection

Protection against ransomware:

Why choosing EPS is the right answer. Thus, it is important to ensure that best practices are adopted to protect against ransomware threat.

While regular data backups and software updates remain the top preventive measures for ransomware protection, investing in top-end security products is equally important for organizations irrespective of their size and nature of business It can tackle latest cyber threats with ease and a high success rate. In October 2016, the Securite EPS enterprise suite won the AV Lab Award for real-time ransomware protection.

In April 2017, the advanced version of the Security End Point Solution, the EPS V7.2, once again made a mark by being certified BEST+++ by AVLab. For certification, the test, this year was run on 13 products for small and medium enterprises and 30 products for home users while the previous year, the Securite EPS won the award against 17 software applications for SMB’s. It received a total rating of 17.5

out of 18 in the evaluation with a perfect 6 on 6 scores for speed and usability and 5.5 on 6 for protection If you used an additional layer of protection for data backup of product which secures your all important files and backup your data in case of a ransomware attack.

The multi-layered protection against advanced threats at different levels of your system, make it the best choice for overall cybersecurity of any organization.

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