I can’t get it out to put a new one in. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. A ridged wheel provides a better grip for scrolling. The mouse works fine wow! Most mice give only a couple of days or a week at most but this mouse can go on for months on a single battery.

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Help – ogc aol.

I have 2 of them. Now the left click isn’t functioning properly.

Other than that, I couldn’t ask for a better mouse. Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair. Both sides of the corsless feature non-slip rubber for better control. Good buy for the money and I been on computers since know my way around.

I read that this happened to another person as well.

Logitech V Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks

Once I gripped it on the sides and then pressed the release button, the compartment popped right open. I stuck the little receiver thingy into a USB port of the laptop and the mouse moved the curser perfectly. Even when the battery is dying.

Not a great start to my experience with this model. Quite frustrating, as I wanted logtiech mouse to avoid using the trackpad. Works great for traveling. Now double click stop responding.


Logitech V Cordless Optical Mouse For Notebooks Purple by Office Depot & OfficeMax

Now lets take a closer look at the mouse. I can still use it to do what I need to do. Wireless This mouse uses a receiver that connects to your USB port to offer cordless performance.

Performance High-definition optical technology: Maximum working range is 2 meters.

In the end with allot of cordlezs and the use of a knife tip i opened the battery compartment: It’s lodged in there so tight I cant get it out without tearing the wrapping off my battery. Nothing indicated that I should then snap the battery cover back on; I kind of figured this one out all by myself.

First time sets a very very bad impression. The first mouse I had for about cordlesa year before this happened. However, no special software by Logitech for Linux, but I found the Logitech software to be crap any ways, just sits and hogs your ram, and with most people using Vista, do we really need much more Ram to be hogged?


Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks

Before we move on to the review he’s a quick look at the features of the V So I cannot select items and I can’t drag n drop. They’re pretty helpful if you’re very specific.

But it would take a chimp about 90 seconds to figure it out. My mouse was good for six months. Logitech V Cordless Notebook Mouse.

The enclosed paper said I would have to download to get the scroll wheel to work, but it’s working now without download–might be a different version of the same thing. Logitech V Cordless Mouse overview.

However, finally opened it by pressing hard at the button on the back-side of the mouse. A battery indicator allows you to better manage power on the unit and rubber grips increase cordles.

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