I have already search the internet for linux compatibility. Hello, i want to buy a new sound card for a mobil environment. USB2 would have the bandwidth. It’s the usual problem that there is limited information on the web and some of it is old, so you don’t know what the current situation is. If there is a formal set of procedures commands and resulting outputs for testing the capabilities of a card, let me know and I’ll be happy to run them and report back.

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However, unfortunately it has turned out difficult to get detailed programming information, so I Rainer Zimmermann had to find out some card-specific information by experiment and conjecture.

The proposed code lihux deactivated is in ice Since i have special requirements external USB sound card, minimum 4 channel simultaneous recording, linux compatible in particular jackd and ardour. I’ve started a wiki page on this card with some links http: I propose some additional code for limiting the sampling rate when setting on a capture pcm device.

Development is carried out by Rainer Zimmermann mail lightshed. Note that the wm Both support 96k samplerate, never tried it though. Although the Maya44 can do phantom power I’m thinking I may get a simple mixer with mic preamps.


HOWTO: Get your ESI MAYA 44 to work

The following functions work, as tested by Rainer Zimmermann and Piotr Makowski: I don’t think that your requirements will be fulfilled by usb-devices. You are talking about the “inputs” problem or the “midi controller” problem? Are these problems fixed in current linux distros?

July 23rd, 1. This still needs to be tracked down. This is the first testing mqya of the Maya44 driver released to the alsa-devel mailing list Feb 5, AV Linux is here!

As always, any thoughts or opinions are appreciated! Last Jump to mmaya Is it working in linux? Maybe your guys have recommendations for another sound device.

Input 4 direct routing from ADC output of the selected input channel.

However, now, on the internet, I’m confused about the information about Maya. Its working flawless under JAD 1. Since i have special requirements external USB sound card, minimum 4 channel simultaneous recording, linux compatible in particular jackd and ardour.

ESI Maya 44 USB Linux compability?

Came across this yesterday and seemed appropriate to add here. August 17th, 8. Hallo, Arnold Krille hat gesagt: Jack dont’ see the midi usb controller However because of the global sampling rate, this logic would be somewhat problematic.


USB2 would have the bandwidth. If the vendor claims that the device works on apple without any special driver, its a good chance it also works on linux.


Anything you can contribute will be appreciated. If you use alsamixer only thing you can do is set the monitoring levels.

I mainly record guitars and ,inux and need to be able to change things around without fiddling around at the back of the PC. I’ve been keeping an eye out for juli XTE for a little while myself. Linux-supported internal PCIe audio interfaces are about as rare as unicorn poo so it was nice to hear some members of the community have used them without breaking the bank

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