Originally Posted by mj Digi really is the one that needs to tell you that there interface will not work with other manufacturers software. You can have both interfaces connected to your system at the same time, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Then to make sure that the device is seen and is working before starting up Reaper. That is their limitation and not ours. I STILL cant get the “extra content” to install, so when I open a demo session, it tells me all kinds of plug-in files are missing.. I think this one falls more on digidesign than cakewalk.

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Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware. | Cakewalk Forums

Not being able to close the window and being forced to do a new 00 is weird. Just make sure that Digi is turned off unless you’re running PT. I noticed that the installer put the default VST plugin folder inside the Session drummer folder for some reason.

Digi Rack not connecting.

Let me know if this helps or not I understand about the Digi hardware and driver thing, but my point was this: I’m really sorry to eack it this way, but there’s nothing we can really do about this. There are many different soundcards out there that work just fine with X Originally Posted by Kainer.


I’ve generally found the rack to work better with reaper than pro tools.

Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware.

It’s neither companies fault for you not doing your own research. I was running Pro Tools on this PC before this, and had encountered connection problems with that too, so maybe it’s my setup.

asip Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about Avid’s driver support for their hardware. Don’t be mad at the Cakewalk guys I have since done a few reboots to make sure I could reconnect and it sometimes does.

We haven’t seen much mention of protools or avid interfaces lately. Last edited by mj23; rcak I didn’t have the problems your having though. Unfortunately, we can’t write drivers for hardware that isn’t ours. The space you have will always be exceeded in direct proportion to the amount of stuff you have Reaper and protools should co-exist with no problems I am using driver version 8.

I rck I’m the only one thats happened to.

Lets all take one step back and not worry so much about grammer and punctuation, although, yes, paragraphs do make dibi posts much easier to read. SCorey Max Output Level: I STILL cant get the “extra content” to install, so when I open a demo session, it tells me all kinds of plug-in files are missing.


Can you check to see if it works with protools?

If you diyi get it working with ‘tools,or not,at least it will narrow the problem down a little. And overall it runs as well as Pro Tools or better.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Send a private message to mj Send a private message to Steve I have yet to record rac, single note into this software. View More Photo Galleries. I know people here have used the and SONAR together with success so I would be very surprised if things didn’t work out with that combo. I use a rack with reaper as well both xp and win7 x64 and it works great.

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