The fluid broke down rapidly less than 40, miles , as the tolerance in the system is low. When it was fixed all was normal with power steering fluid replaced. Don’t use brake fluid interchangeably with anything! We tested an engine with hydraulic oil that ran for almost a month. Didn’t work for me. ATF and PS fluid are both hydraulic fluids.

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Bought 4 quarts of the hyd fluid ATF will dextroon work in a power steering system. And dextrob because it is in there does not mean it is the right stuff so if in doubt drain it all and refill with the recommended fluid and dispose of the old fluid at your local recycling centre or befriend a mechanic who will tip it into their waste oil bin unless they do the task for you…. Dodges are super picky about everything, but I haven’t found a legit reason.

ATF has an advantage in that it has some detergents in it that can help keep your system cleaner. One day, but this is day dreaming, there will be one single fluid in the entire vehicle that does everything. In a pinch, ATF fluid can be used, however it is recommended to change it out as soon as possible.

The story appears in the November issue of Consumer Reportswhich goes on sale October 5. Not true, although I doubt it would have an effect on the steering system, atf fluids have friction modifiers in them. Never use atf in power steering in a Honda.


Note that if the brake fluid is low, your vehicle probably dextroj brake-system service anyway. I own a Ford F whose power steering leaks like a sieve. I eventually did find the leak …a slight crack in a metal tube in a god forsaken place not easy to get at, let alone work on.

Never had a problem, probably never will. Just for moving junk and crap around and hauling stuff that doesn’t tie up the good pickups right here on dexttron farm.

What you cannot do is use power steering fluid in your transmission. This appears to be some new function that is going to be pretty annoying methinks. They are very similar.

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Fluids in Your Car?

I imagine ll viscosity differs because there aren’t that many other variables. Others like many german cars uses a special hydraulic fluid such as a CHF11S certification typically made by Pentosin. Neighbor had an old one ton ford with tranny issues and ended up putting hytran in it. Some vehicles call for the standard Power Steering Fluid you see on dsxtron shelf at your local auto parts store.

The smallest funnel in the set is small enough to fit into the filler hole.

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Fluids in Your Car?

Just let me know so I can bring my chair and popcorn and watch the fireworks show. He told me the automatic fliud would make the helm respond a lil quicker because it wuz a tad thicker than the recomended fluid Read More at truthfinder. When running high load hot weather, lots of turning under high load that difference from sitting at the dock would translate into more of a pressure difference than anything. You can get away with it in MOST cases- but is it really worth finding out the hard way?


People should check with a mechanic, or even the folks behind the counter at the local auto parts store, if they have any doubts.

I have it in 3 units, and have had no failures to date Ok i just spoke to a Honda rep Depending on the quantity of gasoline that’s added to a diesel vehicle’s tank, it could do little harm or it could damage the fuel pump, injectors, and other parts.

Go for it-those old trannies are cheap at the junk yard. Ask New Question Sign In. Don’t let anyone tell you you need to have the whole thing replaced…coz that’s just a big bag of spoiled balonga.

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