Electronic printing and publishing: You can use the multipurpose tray for all of your printing jobs. You will normally get about pages per cartridge. Paladin Interactive Television Box Pippin. The LaserWriter offered a generally faithful proofing tool for preparing documents for quantity publication, and could print smaller quantities directly.

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Low-budget thermal printer has print, ribbon problems”. This product is not in stock, but we may be able to fulfill your order.

Retrieved August 14, This printer could print at forty characters per second.

List of Apple printers

Positions 6 through 9 are user-configurable; you can change the settings for these positions to match the needs of laerwriter computer you are connecting.

PostScript enabled the LaserWriter to print complex pages containing high-resolution bitmap graphicsoutline fontsand vector illustrations. Since the cost of a LaserWriter was several times that of a dot-matrix impact printer, some means to share the printer with several Macs was desired.

All of its ports are active, which allows networked Windows and Macintosh computers to print to the same LaserWriter Pro From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Offers graphics [4] [6] [7]. From a Macintosh computer, you use the LaserWriter Utility program to display and change communication settings.


Unlike many inkjet printers of the time, the Apple Color Printer did not suffer from print slowdowns caused by slow communication from the computer performing rasterizationsince the SCSI bus is relatively fast.

The lights indicate a problem. Limited only by available printer memory. Paired with the program Aldus PageMakerthe LaserWriter gave the layout editor an exact replica of the printed page. The LaserWriter was a laser printer with built-in PostScript interpreter introduced by Apple in The method used to prevent transmitted data from exceeding the rate at which the receiving end can accept it.

LaserWriter Pro | Low End Mac

If you have any problems, please contact us immediately and we will repair or replace the part quickly. The following page uses this file: The Silentype was a thermal printerwhich used a special paper and provided 80 column output. This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose. Macs, Windows and mixed networks are supported. Westworld Computers be responsible for all shipping to the customer.

PostScriptDiablo The number of bits used to represent each character. The method used to compare transmitted and received data to check for errors. Retrieved from ” https: This LSI, or a version of it, found its way into subsequent LaserWriters, and possibly even some competitive products, the first of which competitors may have been Hewlett-Packard ‘s ISA board which behaved as a parallel-attached PostScript interpreter, and which was connected outboard to a CX-based marking engine, such as a LaserJet, or, through an adapter board, to an SX-based marking engine, such as a LaserJet II.


Switch positions 0 through 5 are fixed, and the settings for these positions cannot be changed.

The speed of transmission between the computer and the printer. By this time, most of the combinatorial logic which was formerly performed by PALs had been incorporated into a new LSI chip for greater flexibility, increased reliability and lower cost. Views View Edit History.

The page description standard used to transmit data. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Pro 630 Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 w/32MB LaserJet 600 x 600 Dpi Laser Printer

The Mac platform quickly gained the favor of the emerging desktop-publishing industry, a market in which laserrwiter Mac is still important. This product is available in limited quantities while supplies last. Westworld Computers recertifies all new, used and refurbished parts that we sell.

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