User Control Panel Log out. Now if this is in a really obvious location and it has somehow eluded my eye, please do bear with me! Hitting reset in device setup in cubase fixes it again Last edited by slipstick; at I suppose you have checked that you haven’t accidentally panned the Master channel hard left? But, typically you do not get only one channel working.

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Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: The Alesis unit is USB wlesis, greater latency, not the greatest sound quality either. Are the speakers plugged into a dedicated Line Out from the motherboard or the headphones out?

I’ll get back to you on this one as soon as I get another chance to dick around with it. Plug in a good verified headphone and alesiz if you are getting both channels.

This problem really shouldn’t be this difficult to troubleshoot. I had one of those.

ASIO4ALL with Alesis io2 and Cubase issue – Ultimate Guitar

Using a single audio driver is preferred for smooth performance. User Control Panel Asik out. Thanks for your replies. Send a private message to nicholas.


Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Try also to test with another generic connector between the Alesis and USB in case something is messed up there.

I’m with Solger on this.

Van Diemen’s Land Posts: If it’s not one of these then I’m at a loss for your situation. I’ll work on it tonight and get back to you. Originally Posted by insub. Have you tried re-running the wave profiler in Sonar now that you’ve restarted? Yes, I have external speakers hooked up through my PC, and they are both working fine until I connect the device.

Alesis IO2 not working with SONAR

I have one used now only as a paper weight. Alesis io2 setup When I hook up my Alesis io2 to my laptop, the output is strictly through the left speaker. So, both speakers work outside of Reaper?

If it’s only playback then your Item could be panned hard left even though the track is centered. Steve Last edited by slipstick; at You get that effect when cpu is struggling but it’s not, cpu utilization is too low, and you can still hear alexis signal which doesnt look like it’s stuttering just filled up with noise.


As someone said earlier, this shouldn’t be such a hard issue to fix When I hook up my Alesis io2 to my laptop, the output is strictly through the left speaker.

I wonder if anyone can provide some help or feedback on allesis issues or the device. I’ve been combing the internet for an answer, and have come up with absolutely nothing.

Reaper & Alesis io2 – Cockos Incorporated Forums

After installation I discovered that the default windows soundcard was changed to my new Saffire. Find More Posts by slipstick. Are both speakers are definitely connected? No other audio applications are open, even in the system tray.

Either both channels work or neither. Send a private message to solger. You mentioned that the IO2 is the only active soundcard in your windows control panel.

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