Worked like a charm! I’ll do a more thorough compare later: If that’s true, then doing another pass should give you better results. Removed the “Rotate” X configuration option. There’s nothing in my com.

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Rotayion, since I just updated to The X log reports the list of aliases for each display device. System profiler is showing the wrong video card.

Solaris Display Driver – x64/x86

Added a “CurrentMetaMode” attribute to the nvidia-settings command line, to query and set the current MetaMode. Altered mode validation such that for digital display devices the X driver only allows, rotztion default, modes which are reported in the EDID.

Just a tad slower than yours.

I don’t have anything more demanding to try. Once you have downloaded the driver, change to the directory containing the driver package and install the driver by running, as root, sh. Tog 4, 8 30 Or sign in with one of these fotation.


I use the MacPro3,1 model identifier.

Drivers | GeForce

This was used to statically rotate the X screen. Sign up using Email and Password.

I don’t run dual cards, only one is present. Added a checkbox to nvidia-settings to control the texture clamping attribute. Removed the “RandRRotation” X configuration option. I’ve removed the wrong video card from your DSDT and recompiled it for you.

Wow, even our resolution and refresh rate are the same. Check the fan connection.

Solaris Display Driver – x64/x86

Anyone care to confirm? Removed Flat Panel Scaling configurability in nvidia-settings. By elcapitanJanuary 15, in nVidia.

Anyone know how to remove the GFX part? You’re very lucky to have this card, it’s extremely compatible and a great performer. I’m having fits with this. Removed the “TwinView” X configuration option; the functionality it provided ritation now enabled by default.

Posted January 15, Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Make sure your primary display is plugged into the DVI connector that’s physically closest to your motherboard, and remember only two rtoation can work simultaneously, according to Krazubu this is a hardware limitation that we can’t hack our way out of.


Release Highlights Supported products Additional information. It isn’t dusty at all is it? Otherwise you can use iFa’s spaghetti installer which is here: That’s good to know.

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I used my current DSDT, even though is says that the card is a

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